Practising what you Preach

ReligionsIn March 2010 we saw some ugly signs of religious intolerance. Events organized by Light Ministries International an association belonging to the Pentecostal Church were disrupted. A Gospel Festival was disrupted by a number of attackers upsetting chairs and tables then breaking car windshields and finally setting fire to a nearby sugar cane field. Continue reading “Practising what you Preach”

Hell taking over Paradise?

What’s going on in Mauritius? The society is plagued with an upsurge of violence in various forms. A robbery gone wrong in a hotel ends up in a murder of a tourist. Violent armed robberies in holiday rental villas. Domestic violence on the increase. Battered women and worse of all abuse of children. The relatively peaceful paradise is being taken over by evil doers. Continue reading “Hell taking over Paradise?”

What’s in a Name?

canstockphoto14605142The 1st February is a public holiday in Mauritius celebrating the abolition of slavery in 1835. On 4 September 1833, the British Parliament abolished slavery in Mauritius. The act for the abolition of slavery was proclaimed on 1 February 1835 and lead to the repeal of the Code Noir (Black Code). Continue reading “What’s in a Name?”