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  1. HI Mike and other readers,
    I wonder why we can’t all use just one time for the whole world and simply do as Mike says….?
    Stopping changing times twice yearly in the UK at least, would save so much time in changing the zillions of clocks, watches and what have you. Just imagine the saving for those who have to climb-up the clock towers, dotted around the globe !!!
    Also wouldn’t it be easier, when travelling abroad from whatever country and having to fiddle with those watches in the effort to get the time correct for the destination, to find that you have got it wrong and missed out on one thing or another…???
    In fact does it really matter if Breakfast is at 8pm/Lunch at 11:59pm or Dinner at 8am (local-time), as whenever one is hungry – then that’s the moment when one will be in the need for fodder ?
    Personally, as I live only 25 miles from the original GMT (Greenwich Mean time) Meridian, then
    I would be more than happy to just have that time-zone all year round and in any case, for many aviation and communications reasons around the world, that it the normal time to be used, regardless of country of operation… Not-with-standing the very slight difference with UTC either…

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