Entering the world of blogging

Here I go learning WordPress and finding things to talk about. The blog facility has a huge amount of possibilities so it is going to take me time to get to grips with it. My learning curve is going to be steep at this time until I become more at ease with WordPress. I hope to get some interesting things to say here in my not so exciting life. So as they say watch this space. I will be releasing this blog for limited public viewing once I have cleaned it up after the transit from Live Space.

0 thoughts on “Entering the world of blogging”

  1. I will be one of your most frequent visitors 🙂

    The blog will be more lively that the Live Space, more customizable. I have never created a livespace account, but I am sure that wordpress rocks even more.
    Now that you are officially a ‘blogger’, you should try to be active in the blogosphere and I can already predict that we will soon meet, in a bloggers’ meeting 😛

    Take care!

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