The Making of a Digital Nation

The World Economic Forum has published “The Global Information Technology Report 2012” on 4 April 2012. The report has dedicated a whole chapter about ICT sector development in Mauritius.

Chapter 2.2 is titled “The Making of a Digital Nation: Toward i-Mauritius“. The chapter describes the milestones achieved as well as policy, legislation, infrastructure, growth and fixed-line, mobile and internet penetration rates. The report ends with the lessons learned and key areas for the future.

Click on this link to view the report website page. On the website page you can select the PDF version or the HTML reader.

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  1. I have briefly gone through the chapter. Good stuff for those who want access to official figures regarding ICT in Mauritius. 22% internet penetration. I thought more people had access to the web. And 96.78% for mobile. lol.

    Thanks for sharing Mike.

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