4G in Mauritius the Long Term Evolution?

In some countries LTE 4G, (Long Term Evolution 4th generation), technology is already in operation for mobile telephony. In Mauritius, this technology has only just been introduced and is slowly being deployed. So for the moment only certain urban areas can benefit from the service.

Recently, there has been publicity and advertising by my ISP, (internet service provider), namely Emtel Ltd of Mauritius. As our fixed broadband internet speeds are rather restricted here, I was curious to know if I could upgrade and benefit from higher internet speeds. My interest is for video streaming over internet. For example, I would like to watch particular TV stations broadcasting over internet or view video documentaries. By connecting my laptop via HDMI cable to my flat TV screen I should be able to view video streaming in comfort.

So far, the video streaming experience here has disappointed due to slow broadband internet speeds which is continuously interrupted due to buffering. This made viewing of videos or direct broadcasts over the internet impossible. Hopefully, the 4G service will improve this situation.

After contacting a representative of my ISP and discussing my wish for an improved internet service quality, I managed to get a promise of an on-site test at my home. After a week, the representative arrived with the new LTE 4G dongle to attach to my laptop. Several connection tests were conducted to show video streaming from the internet. Although conclusions of tests proved that 4G was not yet available in my urban area it did show that 3.5G was in use and gave an improved HSPA+ (Evolved High-Speed Packet Access) service.

The tests showed that, with the modernized HSPA+ network, video streaming was possible without interruption. For me, this means that I will be happy to buy a 4G dongle which will already offer comfortable viewing although operating at a slightly lower speed. Nevertheless, when 4G will be fully operational in my area I shall be ready and enjoy the full benefits.

For internet users in Mauritius there are a few things to note before rushing to buy or subscribing to 4G. The cost of the dongle can be restrictive for most users. Then there is the choice of usage package between 1GB, 2GB, 5GB or 10GB, careful consideration should be given to what will be your use because monthly quotas can quickly be used up and there are excess charges.

Click on this link for Information on Emtel Ltd Mauritius website.

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  1. The first official review of LTE remains uncompleted, unfortunately. It would be nice to know which ISP is offering competitive prices, taking into consideration the said quotas.

    As a very light internet user (no big downloads, as compared to Mr Tushal), I am trying to satisfy myself with the myT 512, which I have not upgraded yet, as forced by MT.

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