Paraphilia in Paradise

canstockphoto3303540Here in Mauritius, over the weekend and on Monday, three sexual attacks have been made on elderly women. In the latest attack an 80-year-old woman has died after being raped and beaten by a 25-year-old man. This young man was caught and apparently is an habitual offender who was wanted by the police. The other incidents involved the rape of 69 and 70-year-old women.

These reprehensible and cowardly attacks on the weaker members of our society are surely the acts of perverts. The dictionary tells us that perversion is abnormal human behaviour, that which deviates from what society understands as normal. Psychologists and psychiatrists would probably use the term paraphilia which refers to a wide-range of sexual deviance.

Whatever way you view this it remains an alarming trend. Quite rightly the public is adding these criminal acts to the already growing list of insecurity fears. It is also a reflection of the negative aspects of the modern society. Human values are discarded for the sake of freedom to do as one pleases. Some act as though they have immunity from law. Others are just mentally ill and have no self-control. Some young people are growing up being fed violence and perversion in the home. In these cases, whatever values are being taught in school is wasted. Moreover, they will probably re-enact the same violence.

We have growing violence here and it is not just a reflection of a failing policing policy. First and foremost it concerns the family unit and the lack of parental love, care and education. Social security, social workers and police could write volumes about what they witness in families. I do not believe that we can continually blame poverty or the lack of education on this situation. Most humans have an inkling of what is right or wrong. However, destroying the humanity in a child is shaping a violent monster for the future. Filth that affects children comes in the form of neglect, pornography, incest and general violence. This is what is breeding the street monsters that roam our streets.

Mauritius: Crime, Justice and Security Statistics 2011 (PDF will load) 
U.S. Dept. of State: Mauritius Country Report for 2012(Women and rape)

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  1. I agree with all the remarks said previously to this one, but in short and for children from a very young age-onwards (especially here in England), the parents blame the teachers and the teachers blame the parents.
    Both are wrong as with proper Governmental Laws, both are (or should be) responsible for
    teaching total-respect for all and their property, from a very early age onwards…

    But then with so many cases of Governmental/Church and other officials now being found as criminals of corruption & perversion, then unless there is a proper-leadership of all of those in power, media or elsewhere (both here and abroad) to lead the way out of this “perverted” society, that we now find ourselves in, then things can only get worse.

    Here the laws are not only insufficient for all crimes, but are rather more non-existent for the numerous crimes that are being committed against so many – and with virtually no deterrent effect either…
    The “thin-end of the wedge” scenario then creeps in, where for even minor offences, youngsters and elders – simply get-off with just a warning, which means little or nothing, so they continue up the spiralling-ladder in to the world of more serious crimes (later-on in life), knowing that the sentence is worth taking the risk…

    Finally of course there is the media as in TV/cinema and the press etc., but I would hope that readers of these blogs do not need to be reminded about the damage that has ensued by those often corrupt and perverted production companies and their staff of these forms of entertainment and printed-material – for their own personal-gain — and that which we pay for ! ! !
    There is one simple answer to this last paragraph ? ? ?


  2. Well each and every aspect of our society plays a great role from the elders, parents, education, media…
    Example, a child takes the form of the environment he lives in. If he lives among people who only swear and use violence, how can he learn to be nice towards others. Another aspect is movies, if pornography is what he sees in movies when he is young, then what will he learn? There is a time for everything. How could the earlier generations be able to control themselves and were not stooping to such a level? The answer and the solution is not far. I guess there are a lot of things we can learn from the earlier generations instead of just discarding their teachings saying they are outdated.

    This is the worst mistake we have made so far as younger generations.

    There are a few things we need to maintain. Always respect your elders, no matter how they are with you, but as youngsters we have the capacity to tolerate and avoid. And it is the duty of elders to teach and guide the young ones instead of bullying them. It is the universal principle that will help an entire society…

  3. You are right to say that we cannot put the blame entirely on only one factor. The situation prevailing in Mauritius since the past years is the result of several factors which are unfortunately going beyond control. Who could predict that an assistant director of an officially recognized children shelter would have sexual relationship with one of the minor kids there? Same for the MITD teacher and his student. And what about elderly sexual assaults you just reported? Some might also remember the case where a kid was nearly terrorised when the Child Development Unit prevented her from going to her school because of her parents forged documents to get her admitted. Or perhaps those kids who are allowed to stay with their drug addicted family members, thus at their mercy.

    The society needs serious attention. Families must play their role. Neighbours should be on alert and inform the police when they suspect any such cases. Authorities should ensure that all instances, units and organisations are working with the adequate resources. Immediate actions should be taken instead of waiting for the enquiry to be concluded when such child abuse cases are reported. In brief, there is a lot of work done.

    1. “Neighbours should be on alert and inform the police when they suspect any such cases.”
      Do you remember, there a time a few years ago when neighbors did that, it was said zot p veille zafr dimounes? πŸ˜› Everyone was saying, “la ville plis bon saken guette pou li” Eventually everyone started to live for himself not knowing what’s happening in the neighborhood… enfin it is the contribution of jealous neighbors i guess. It’s really painful to see, where we were and where we have reached today… Progressed? or Advanced… In terms of technology and materials… maybe, but as human beings… we have fallen, lost a lot of values…

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