Infotech 2014

Visited the Infotech 2014 exhibition taking place at Convention Centre, SVICC Pailles, Mauritius.

I had already visited the earlier years exhibition and this time I did not go with any real purpose other than for leisure. As usual the displays were mostly commercial retail. Having walked around the stands I did not see anything specifically new in the range of electronic equipment. So after a while it got boring for me.

However, if someone has a view to buying a specific piece of computerized gadgetry or subscribe to an Internet Provider this is the place to visit. You can search around the various stands for the equipment that interests you and try them out as well as comparing prices. All the major electronic shops in Mauritius have a stand here. As for the various services such as MyT or other providers you can go to their stands and enquire about the services offered and the relative subscription costs. You can also take advantage of special offers valid only during the exhibition.

MyT from Orange/MT are now offering FTTH (optical fibre to the home cable) in many areas. Just a few days ago they installed the optical fibre cable in my street. In theory this could be interesting for fast internet and streaming of films and TV programs. However, with many connected subscribers I wonder if they will be able to deliver true download and internet speeds. As this is new, it might be better to wait and get a feel for subscriber feedback about satisfaction before taking out a subscription.

In any case, I recommend would be buyers to first read on-line reviews on the internet. There are many articles of interest as well as hands-on videos that can help deciding on the choices for a whole range of electronic goods.

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