Mauritius Independence

canstockphoto5689185Two videos, 47 years apart;

Mauritius Independence Day, 12th March 1968, Champs de Mars, Port Louis (BBC)

Flag Raising Ceremony, 12th March 2015, Champs de Mars, Port Louis (MBC)

The first video above is from a BBC documentary recording the accession of Mauritius to independence in 1968. A shaky start for the country at that time. A part of the population did not agree to independence and wanted to stay British. Much can be debated on the circumstances of the time. History shows that transition to independence is rarely smooth. Nevertheless, 47 years later much has changed in Mauritius. The country’s progress as made leaps and bounds, today economic prosperity and technological advancement is clear. In 2015 many countries in the region are looking at Mauritius as a model for growth and prosperity. Far from being just an idyllic tourist resort, Mauritius has a vision for being a commercial and financial hub in the Indian Ocean and Africa regions.

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