Heinous Murder

canstockphoto22028711Paradise spent Easter in anguish for over one week when a young girl, 11 years old, disappeared.

This school girl went missing during the Easter break when family and friends were partying. Police and volunteers from the neighbourhood searched for many days in the surrounding areas without success.

Then on Wednesday 15 April her already decomposing body was found in a wooded area near to a main road. Anguish had turned into shock and horror as it was declared that she had been murdered. It was confirmed that her skull had been smashed and rape was also probable. At the time of writing this article the investigation was still ongoing.

Family, friends and neighbourhood were in total distress. After on site confirmation of the identity of the corpse the mother collapsed on the road surrounded by family and friends. The enormous human grief is visible on the photo published by Defimedia.info (click photo for enlarged view).

A traumatic event which highlights the downward slide of human values on the island. Also, the realisation here that even children are no longer safe. Security has become a big issue with the increase of crime but especially with the knowledge that predators roam around waiting to snatch the little ones.

Predators are not always the unknown but sometimes from those close or even within the family unit. What is disturbing is the awareness of the degradation of humanity. Decency and respect being perverted into animal-like conduct. Some will put forward arguments such as poverty and lack of education. However, even with the absence of those two elements there is the basic consciousness of right and wrong.

On this small peaceful island nation where such crimes were unheard of before, a question arises as to what is pushing the mind of a human being to such degradation. Depraved acts pushed by evil pulses ? Evil is not an illness but is evil an entity acting on the weak ? There are many societal questions but not many answers or remedies which opens up a huge debate. In the meantime another child, someone’s little girl, has been murdered.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about this. I certainly hope the family receives answers soon and everyone put at ease. There is no way it is an accident?

    1. Yesterday a suspect was arrested. Seems to be someone already on police files and a repeat offender. The suspect had recently moved to the area. The investigation is still ongoing and requires finding proof. However, it makes you wonder how come a justice system permits a psychopath to roam free ? Authorities seem to have problems responding to extreme cases that go through the law courts. Inadequate penitentiary facilities in dealing with serious crime. Civil society is responding with a public march this Saturday.

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