A Gallant Gentleman

Commemoration of 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

William_Meade_FiskeTribute to Pilot Officer William Meade Lindsley Fiske, the first American-born pilot to be killed in the Battle of Britain, 17 August 1940.

Printed in “The Times” August 20, 1940 : A very gallant gentleman, “Billy” Fiske, gave his life for us. As a racing motorist, as bobsleigh rider, as a flyer, he was known but as a “Cresta” rider he was supreme. An American citizen, blessed with this world’s goods, of a family beloved by all who knew them, with a personal charm that made all worship him, he elected to join the Royal Air Force and fight our battles.

We thank America for sending us a perfect sportsman.
Lieut.-Colonel J.T.C Brabazon, M.P.
(Lord Brabazon of Tara)

 Click on this link for the biography of "Billy" Fiske.

2 thoughts on “A Gallant Gentleman”

  1. Indeed, I agree, a ‘Gallent Gentleman’ – not too mention the thousands of other U.S., Canadian, Australian and so many other countries who sent their citizens to fight in both W.W.’s and beyond and who were not able to return to their families & friends — ALL IN THE NAME OF FREEDOM…
    I salute them all…

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