Blood Donation

canstockphoto27937970In the news, in paradise, 836 pints of blood had to be destroyed.

This happened at the state-run hospital at Candos back in 2015. The reason is that the blood was contaminated with various diseases. Positive tests showed that the blood was contaminated with various diseases such as Hepatitis C, Syphilis, with others linked to HIV.

canstockphoto20075594It is comforting to note that the hospital laboratory is doing analysis safety checks on blood donations. However, we wonder how it is possible for people to give blood when they presumably know they are infected ? Or, is part of the answer that some donors are not aware that they have contracted a disease ? This situation is mind-blowing and alarming.

4 thoughts on “Blood Donation”

  1. There has to be a system of immediately lab work, notification to diseased persons and whomever they were in contact with. Even then, I suppose, there will be errors, but 836 pints?!!!
    How have you been Michael? Paradise treating you well?

    1. Doing good here GP, into our winter and the weather not so good at the moment, wind and rain from an anti-cyclone in the Ocean. We were down to 18c/64F early morning. Need an extra blanket at night.

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