Ending 2016

The current year is coming to a close.

The year is not yet over and we already have had changes in Paradise. The government just had a surprising change when one of the coalition parties pulled out and joined the opposition bench. The reason was because of a controversial proposed bill to create a committee that would have the powers to undermine the judicial decisions made by the DPP (Department of Public Prosecutions). I guess that this would also have ramifications for the country’s constitution. The government no longer having a majority to pass this bill through in accelerated mode have now postponed the readings in parliament to March 2017. Wait and see what dangers lurk for democracy in Paradise.

As for the news around the world, things are not good but disastrous. We see continuations of conflicts and terror attacks. Our topsy-turvy world is producing mass migration and victims where children are not spared tragedy.

What to hope for, what to wish for in the new year ? Certainly a change of heart for those that are full of hate, those without pity for others. A massive conversion of hearts is required for a change to peace and justice. This may still be a long way down the tracks of our lives and maybe will not happen in my lifetime. However, as they say, we live in hope.

Blessings and peace on you and your families wherever you are. Be safe, be happy, take care and care for others too. Peace.

6 thoughts on “Ending 2016”

  1. Hello Mike. I have only just realised that I must have fallen off the emails some time ago – but here I am back again! I wish you and yours are very happy 2017. “Stay strong” as someone famous likes to say 🙂

    1. Thanks, all the best to you for the new year and continued success with your writing gift.

  2. I can add no better words than you have put here Mike and equally wish everyone a very Christmas and hoping for a better New Year in 2017 and beyond…

    1. Thanks, have a good one too and look forward to reading more of your historical blog articles in 2017, keep up the good work.

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