Antenna Up

Antenna installed.

Finally, got my HF (high frequency/short wave) antenna installed up on the roof. This will give me international reception on short wave bands. I am getting back into amateur radio (ham radio) in the near future. This is a first step by way of SWL (short wave listening) mainly on the amateur radio bands. I am now monitoring the bands and selected frequencies for digital mode activity. For the digital modes I am using a laptop with the RTL-SDR dongle which is connected to the antenna. To decode the various digital modes of transmission I use the WSJT-X software. This is giving me very good results and I have received transmissions from various countries, Indonesia, China, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Mozambique, South Africa, just to name a few. This hobby is now getting my full attention and is keeping me away from the usual social media channels like Facebook etc. Also why I am not being a regular blog feeder. Photos included below, click to view enlarged.




4 thoughts on “Antenna Up”

    1. yes, technology has changed since my old days 70s-80s there are now digital modes but I am still a fan of morse code.

  1. Sounds like you are getting nearer to two-way conversations amongst the HAM-world MIke.

    Going back well over half a century is a little like going back to boy-hood interests of which of course we well-know about.

    Hope to hear you on the airwaves in due course.

    1. Indeed first step done. Still got to tackle the VSWR problem, hopefully this week. Also looking at other possibilities for a future HF transmit antenna suitable for my restricted space environment.

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