The silly season

Here we go again, in November, major shops had already put up Christmas decorations. All this is to exploit your end of year emotions and your bonus. They are hoping you will part with your hard-earned cash and spend, spend, spend and probably overspend. Such is the Christmas hype where the public is turned into a shopaholic army.

If I hear jingle-bells being played on a loudspeaker again I will go berserk. All the tinsel and bright lights is just another excuse to commercialize what is supposed to be a major religious celebration.

Take the example of what they call Black Friday in the United States. In Los Angeles, twenty people were hurt when a woman used a pepper spray on other shoppers at a supermarket. That woman was trying to keep others away from the bargains she wanted. The word that comes to mind is covetousness. That behaviour has to be a major sign of craziness.

It is one of those seasonal periods which is turned into a secular frenzy celebrating Mammon.  However, in many countries, Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ and for some this is a period of peace and goodwill and we certainly need more of that. Slow the pace down folks and enjoy the togetherness with friends and family members.

So, wherever you are, have a peaceful Christmas.

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    1. Well I guess that within the next week or two, the Xmas bunting and hype will start as usual in the shops, but only in attempt to extract the dosh from those who have really forgotten what Christmas is really about.
      Like Yashvin has said, I do it early and avoid the hype and rush…

  1. In Mauritius, people dont spray pepper, some just take out the knife! So sick!

    Else, other advices :
    – Do your shopping early. Avoid the crowded capital. Dont over-purchase and end up with an empty pocket.

    Have a nice end of year festivities…

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