Time to plant my roots?

Under the provisions of the 1968 Mauritius Citizenship Act, Section 5, subject to meeting the conditions therein, I can be registered as a citizen.I have lived in Mauritius for several years now. However, my association with this country goes back to the early 1980’s. Therefore, I have always felt at home when coming back here.

At this time in life I can say that I have settled down in this country without any wish to go back to my country of origin.

Now comes the big question should I take the initiative and become a member of this society? Many other questions come to mind though. Do I have the necessary qualities to interact with fellow citizens? After all these years of contact I believe I have a good understanding of the various customs of this multi-cultural society. I also understand some of the intricacies of the local political machine albeit with a critical eye.

So why do I hesitate? I guess, for me, it is a big step to take-on at such a late stage in life. I am aware of the responsibilities attached to this decision. There is also the fact that, for others, nothing would have changed. I would still be the same immigrant coming from another land. A piece of official paper does not alter your appearance, customs or the way you talk. You cannot change people’s origins with a wave of a magic wand. Nevertheless, it could be a positive step by me, a sort of recognition that, over the years, this country has welcomed me. For the State to register me as a citizen would be recognizing that my attachment to this country goes beyond the casual visitor or tourist one. Dare I say that I have roots here? What do you think?

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  1. Hi Mike,
    Even though we both trained together in the Royal Air Force, I believe that you have made a succesful life in Mauritius and that you are most probably not missing-out on much or anything that England can offer, which would enhance your life.
    I would lurrrvvve to have been able to do much the same as you have been able to do – in settling in such a beautiful location and making me somewhat jealous too…
    Good life and luck in the years to come for you and your family…
    Terry Jacobs (from England).

  2. Hi Mike,
    You could have dual citizenship like myself!………I have now lived in the uk longer than in Mauritius and I do possess a British passport. However, I did not give up Mauritian citizenship and I still have my Mauritian passport. My roots are on the island and I am proud of my origins!. I have a home and a family here in England and there has been life events which bind me to the uk, but I love the land of my birth and I do return there every year for a few weeks to unwind and charge my batteries……why do you not have dual nationality…..have the best of both worlds my friend 🙂

  3. I would say go for it Mike! Btw, it does not mean you are renouncing your citizenship from the other island 😉 They kind of have similar geographical border, although one looks stretched up :).
    Being a citizen, you can also become a politician on the island and you can then get a “bross-coco” and “bross ban lezot politicien la bien”. I am assuming you understood 🙂

  4. I bet that there is no other people who deserves the right to become a Mauritian citizen!

    Mike, you have always amazed me, whether you share your ideas in this blog or when you share your thoughts on my blog posts/Facebook. You know the island much more than some people out here and you care to keep in touch with every topic in the headlines. You have not only lived here but I think that you won’t be able to enjoy life out of Mauritius (except for hols of course lol)

    Far beyond that, I think that you don’t need a paper which proves that you are a Mauritian.
    You are one already!

    Go for it! We will celebrate it together, with the long due beers!

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