Extreme Disparity

Jane-Constance_max1024x768Just recently a 15 year-old blind Mauritian girl made the headlines as a singing star. Jane Constance won the French TV (TF1) competition The Voice Kidswith an absolutely enthralling performance.

Jane has developed her singing talent, from an early age,  through hard work. The loving support of her parents, education staff, an association called The Global Rainbow Foundation all encouraged this differently able youngster to unleash her talent. Jane sings in both French and English and has a beautiful voice. This is the result of loving care and support for a child.

canstockphoto27392251However, while some are receiving the care and love that is due to children for their development, others are being totally neglected. Worse, they are being violently abused. The official government designated children’s shelters run by a social association is under investigation. There has been allegations of negligence, violence and even sexual relations with a minor. Two managers have been suspended pending the enquiry by a fact-finding committee instituted by the minister concerned. Employees are talking and there are indications that, in spite of the suspension, a manager is still visiting the centres. To add to insult, the manager was apparently a guest of honour at the 12th March independence day celebrations. The public must be wondering why a fact-finding committee instead of police and legal proceedings in what is a crime against minors?

Paradise is displaying extreme disparity in the care of children. The adverse treatment of the most vulnerable in this society is the biggest sin that those responsible can commit. Child sex trafficking is still going on here and there have been reports of mother’s selling their own kids. Such depravity is ruining the nation’s future because these children are the adults of our future.

Reference links: 
Human Trafficking in Mauritius
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3 thoughts on “Extreme Disparity”

  1. I agree with GP. It is appalling that kind of abuse occurs. NGO’s should be properly monitored and supervised for the protection of our children. Ultimately that responsibility falls to the government.

  2. There doesn’t happen to be any sign that the government is involved, is there? For so much to be going on in a small area to these children is deplorable.
    I wish Jane all the best with her future!!

    1. No government involvement since they sub-contract out the shelters to social associations (NGOs) and I suppose there is not much supervision by the authorities, hence things can go drastically wrong. Jane Constance is a bright youngster who really works hard for her achievements. She has already stated that she would like to orientate her education to become a lawyer later. The whole country is routing behind her. It is just a pity that the forgotten kids don’t get that attention.

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