Decaying Heritage

canstockphoto31738913A depressing view of some of the old buildings in the capital Port Louis.

Many of these sites could have been restored and saved over the years. However, apart from a few historical sites, many of the old colonial buildings and houses in Mauritius are fast disappearing. A shame that even the authorities have not shown any interest in saving some of these in the heart of Port Louis. Apart from a few heritage militants nobody of influence seems to care.

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4 thoughts on “Decaying Heritage”

  1. That is such a shame! This makes me remember of the hospital at Souillac, which was destroyed to be replaced by a brand new (but useless and empty…) hospital. This old building existed since long, why not transformed it into a hospital museum? :/

    1. So much of history is being lost due to lack of interest and funding by the authorities. Hope that someone or organization is taking photos and making an inventory for memory sake.

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