Have a Peaceful Christmas

canstockphoto2721502In this topsy-turvy world where we see calamities, wars, accidents we can all do with something more soothing. Most of us who have done that and been there seek a little of that commodity we did not take notice of in our younger days. That is “Peace”, yes you know that state of being without hassle, without grief, without pain, a feeling of bliss. Sometimes it is not there and you need to go out and find it. You need to work at it to get it. Inevitably, someone will come along to spoil it and it means you have to start all over again to regain it.

Christmas is that time when peace is ever so near but not always readily obtainable. It depends on your surroundings. If you are in a family setting with children then you have more chance of receiving peace. You could be in a position where you need an armistice to have peace. Due to conflicts and squabbles you desperately want to make peace but it is not easy.

Christmas is a celebration of a birthday, yes a birthday and not contrary to popular belief Mickey Mouse or Santa Claus. Forget the razzmatazz of the commercial shopping mall where the loudspeakers are blasting jingle bells in your ears until you vomit. Christmas is about the Prince of Peace arriving on earth to heal the people. Yes I know, you are shy or embarrassed about mentioning His name, folks might thing you are weird. Well tough, because Christmas is about the birth day of Jesus Christ and He did come to bring peace to each of us. He still brings peace today but that depends on if you open the door of your heart when He comes knocking.

So there you have the ingredients for obtaining peace. One part change of heart, an ounce of self-motivation, a pinch of love and a big dollop of the love of Jesus Christ. Recipe done, so savour the peace this Christmas and glow.

Have a good one, enjoy the peace, God Bless.

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  1. I totally agree with you thoughts Mike and wish you and all those who really just want peace and quite in their lives around this very small world of ours – a very happy Christmas and a better New Year.



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