Crash on Launch

canstockphoto8319308After the Windows 10 security update KB3132372 Incredimail users found that they had a major problem. When launching Incredimail 2 it immediately crashes.

The crash report looks something like this :

xception: BREAKPOINT (80000003)
Faulting Offset: 001382E2
Module: KERNELBASE.dll

001382E2 KERNELBASE.dll
008255B1 Flash.ocx
0082B0A7 Flash.ocx

This is being caused by the Windows update KB3132372 and the fact that Incredimail 2 has not been fixed to work with it. Therefore, many Incredimail users are having to remove that particular Windows update so that they can continue working. The only other option is to stop using Incredimail and opt for another email client software. The latter is not without its inconveniences.

Removing KB3132372 update leaves the PC vulnerable on flash security. Opting to use another email client means that you need to migrate all your Incredimail data. This can be a tedious process. Fortunately, there are utilities out there to aid in converting Incredimail files for migration. One such utility is MailMigra for Incredimail.

As a last thought, this incident shows the lack of co-ordination between an email client company and a major OS company. Somewhere along the process they are not talking to each other and many users are penalized.

UPDATE 7 January 2016 – Microsoft have released a fix for this problem. See the announcement by Incredimail by clicking on this link.

MailMigra for Incredimail Information
Incredimail Application Crash on Launch Fixed

5 thoughts on “Crash on Launch”

    1. LOL many use Incredimail as email software on their PC it has some nice features but apparently Win10 update killed it pending a fix by Incredimail. Happy new year all the best to the family.

      1. I somewhat agree with Yashvin except that I use another email prog. and I definitely agree with GP Cox’s
        comments, as my XP & Win-7 machines still work well, whereas my new Win-8 machine and certain programs
        that work with the previous two machines – will not work on the WIN-8 platform. And M.S. want me to change
        to WIN-10 for free ??
        And only three months after purchasing the latter WIN-8 machine… !!! (That’s not likely to happen).

        I also understand Mike’s last comment and do find it ‘incredimail’ or perhaps I should say “incredible” that all
        program-writers/companies do not seem to update their products to the latest versions – either at all, or for ages
        and presumably that would be for financial-constraints as well as wanting us to buy new-replacement products ??

        There was and still is – a lot to say for “XP”…

    1. The problem is not Win10 but commercial software that work with that OS. They need to make sure their software works with Win10 and issue updates if necessary. Incredimail are working on the problem but I am sure that these things can be tested and fixed before causing such drastic problems.

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