canstockphoto12403267The official motor vehicle inspection in Mauritius is popularly termed as “Fitness”.

A bit weird to use the word fitness in relation to a motor vehicle. The word fitness is normally used in connection with human health, the condition of being physically fit and healthy. Also used in terms of competence, capability or proficiency such as passing a medical board assessment.

So there you have it, if the word “Fitness” is used in Mauritian Creole it will most likely refer to a motor vehicle inspection.

One thought on “Fitness”

  1. Indeed Mike – when I first saw the word “Fitness” in your heading, my immediate reaction was that a health subject was following.

    I believe that in New Zealand, they also use the Fitness wording for vehicle testing purposes, so your MU residents are not alone. Probably other countries use the same…

    Here in the U.K. the annual-test for vehicles over three years old is simply called the “MOT”, which in fact meant the Ministry of Transport, whilst within our Government I believe there are only two ministry-departments now in existence, as the department that deals with regulations relating to transport now – is the Department of Transport.

    Perhaps the testing over here should now be called “DOT”…. !!! (It’s all dotty)…

    Happy Days.

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