Netflix in Mauritius

canstockphoto17858434Since 7 January 2016 I have a subscription to Netflix. This streaming service was not available to us before this date.

My decision to favour streaming and not use a local Sat service was based on the fact that I did not want an annual contract subscription. Netflix is month by month and you can discontinue at any-time.

Streaming in Mauritius is not perfect due to poor internet connections. I have used Netflix over several days to check how streaming performs with an Emtel Airbox 30Mbps subscription to my tablet then Chromecast to the TV. In general I am getting good results during afternoon viewing. However, in the evening, when there are more internet users online, I sometimes get two or three incidents of annoying lagging. This lagging can also hang the streaming process and stop buffering. This then requires that I disconnect and reconnect to allow buffering to continue or restart the streaming.

While streaming services are a welcome addition to media entertainment you do need a good internet connection, in other words good bandwidth provision. A simple explanation on how much bandwidth you need for streaming video on this link.

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3 thoughts on “Netflix in Mauritius”

  1. I am using Netflix with my 512k connection. I do not get any lag, except for the first load. It is amazing that you get lag with a 30Mbps connection. Then again, its a local 30M connection, not internet 😛

    1. Indeed, if I connect to LA Calif. server then this is the result. So some of us struggle along with the reality of internet services here.

      Speed Test

    2. @Sun You’re saying that you’re watching netflix in SD and you’re more happy than someone who’s watching in HD? Hilarious

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