A Mauritian Airman

Pierre_BouvetA Mauritian, Pierre Bouvet, who served in the South African Air Force during WW2 died peacefully on 27 January 2016.

A fellow blogger (Pacific Paratrooper) advised me that he had uploaded a Farewell Salute for this ex-serviceman. The blog page can be viewed by clicking on this link. It is fitting that we should not forget the men that served for our freedom.

Pierre Ernest Bouvet joined the SAAF as a volunteer and was commissioned as 2nd Lt. He was assigned to the SAAF 31st Bomber Squadron flying B-24 bombers as a navigator/bombardier which flew sorties over Northern Italy. Pierre Bouvet was honourably discharged at end of war in October 1945.

Web link to the Pierre Bouvet obituary. The obituary mentions Pierre Bouvet’s interesting life achievements. We salute this gentleman’s memory in recognition of his contribution for our freedom today.

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One thought on “A Mauritian Airman”

  1. Thank you Mike for mentioning Pierre’s passing.

    As we get older, our colleague’s in the services (wherever in the world) get less, but they served for our freedom and still do to this day, so we must remember those who gave-up their lives to serve for that freedom.

    Also not forgetting those who serve in the public-service sector who risk their lives on a daily basis – to assist us in so many ways, whether it be Fire, Police, Ambulance, Search & Rescue etc etc.

    Thank you to all those people…

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