canstockphoto63186929-10 February 2016 has seen some heavy rain fall in Mauritius. 

Torrential rain hit most parts of the island but one area received 189mm (7 inches) in the space of a few hours.

Rivers burst their banks and soon flooded large areas, towns, villages. Water cascaded down from mountains in rural areas.

The media photos are a testimony of the disastrous effect that water damage can have on a small island. Climate change is giving us at least +2c over the summer season average this is causing excessive warming in the Indian Ocean which in turn creates the heavy humidity charged clouds that discharge over the country. However, there is an infrastructure problem which is also a reason. The lack of proper drainage in many areas leaves urban and rural areas subject to flood damage. Many roundabouts have been built on roads without drainage and become impassable in torrential rain.

A new mindset must include building strategies to include proper drainage systems including storm basins which can also recuperate water for purification treatment and reuse in the national network.

Photo Defimedia.info
Photo Defimedia.info
Photo Defimedia.info
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  1. That is so sad to see on Ile d’Maurice Michel! There has been a dramatic change in the jetstream of late and the UK also has been riddled with flooding too and in places you wouldn’t normally expect.

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