Another Trip

m_P1000212Headed South again.

Can’t help going South of the island because of all the natural beauty there. Keeping our visitors happy and amazed is quite easy in Paradise. First stop was close to home at Curepipe town. Not to the town centre but up to the heights of the dormant volcano Trou aux Cerfs. I was always telling people that this volcano was extinct but it is dormant. Frightening perspective if the beast wakes up. Anyhow the view-point is fantastic and ideal for photo shooting.

After this short stop we headed South to Chamarel region with a stop at Black River Gorge national park area. Could not resist the viewpoint for photo sessions but also for the entertainment of watching some unwary tourist getting jumped on by a Macaque monkey. This time it was a couple of Japanese tourists which fell down with great laughter from their companions. Fortunately, nobody was hurt but those monkeys can be fast and violent if you carry food with you.

The best stop over was reaching that lovely village Chamarel. By this time my visitors were hungry and we had lunch at the restaurant La Citronelle. Nice place to eat, excellent food even if it is on the pricey side. Once resuscitated by the food and wine, or was it the rum, we just had to visit the Seven Coloured Earths. This geological formation is a must do for a first-time visitor.

The drive home with the tired visitors was a pleasant one through the Western coast road via Tamarin, past the old salt fields, Casela etc. We still have much more to visit.

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  1. Look at those views! I just hope the tourist trade doesn’t get out of hand like it has is so many other places that your piece of paradise is ruined!!!

    1. Me too but with the government allowing many more airlines in here it could easily be a problem. I just hope we can keep a good balance on things.

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