Go North

P1000460Continuing our trips around the island.

Here we go again showing our visitors parts of the island. This time we headed North to some of the most picturesque areas. Anything your camera catches here is something beautiful. I know that if a professional photographer was on the job he/she would do better than I can. However, with my little amateur camera I upload these which still convey what you can find on this island. (click on the photos to enlarge).

5 thoughts on “Go North”

  1. Amazing how quiet it seems to be Mike. Yes, I know it’s equivalent to your winter-time, but noting that as I write this – your temperatures are apparently 21-22°C then for my liking at least, it is still a nice temperature to go on holiday to..

    So I take it that when your weather is more like our 30°C at present, then your well-nice pics would have been showing many people – on holiday or otherwise ?

    Interestingly, on our Classic FM radio program, there has been an advert for Mauritius as a destination for the tourist…
    Could be a bumper-season for more tourisim in a few months !!

    Thanks for the preview.

    1. Can still be a feast for the eyes. I just hope they don’t go crazy with construction in the beach areas.

      1. These incidents happen quite often where bungalow owners take the law into their own hands. The blame lies with the authorities for not handling these situations. Most hotels also do not allow the public on their beach areas which they reserve for their clients. As for private owners there should be clear indications or fencing in private areas as designated by beach authorities to avoid such incidents.

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