Hospital Demolished

Destruction of a colonial building.

Sad to report that, at this time, another part of Vacoas history is being demolished. This old colonial building was the military HMS Mauritius hospital and later became the civilian ENT (ears, nose and throat) hospital. The contractors are now stripping the buildings of all the wooden beams and supports. I have been informed that the contractor is reselling all the good wooden beams.

Pity that the main building could not be saved for historical reasons. The site will now make way for a new modern ENT hospital which was made possible by generous Indian government grants.

Before and after (click on a photo to enlarge).

9 thoughts on “Hospital Demolished”

  1. I was stationed in HMS from March 1966 to May 1968. I married a Maurucienne in L’eclise St Helene, curepipe, and my daughter was born in The RN Hospital in 1967. I am very surprised and i guess somewhat upset,to see that it has been demolished. Je me toujours parle le patois . Mike Huggett

  2. Also agree to say how sad that history is being demolished.

    In fact we need more hospitals in the U.K., so it would have been nice to import this hospital – just a thought.

    1. Also an NHS system here copied on the British system. The only difference is that here they benefit from receiving grants from several countries.

  3. Sorry to hear that, Mike. You know how I feel about history being erased. But I’m sure you must need the new hospital, right?

    1. Yes indeed a new specialized hospital is required for the population. However, they could have kept the old building and transformed it into a museum. It is next to the SMF (Special Mobile Force) military area and it could have been renovated to house all those years of history, British Royal Navy and now SMF. I believe it is an opportunity missed but hey I have no control on the government budgets.

  4. So sad to see such a beautiful old building disappear. So many good and sad memories. Johnathon was born and died there
    The family was in HMS 1973 to 1975;

    1. I agree, if they had the budget it could have been used as a museum for the history of HMS Mauritius and the SMF.

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