50 Years

Independence anniversary celebrations.

12th March 2018 marked a special date in the Mauritius calendar. The 50th anniversary of independence which also coincided with Commonwealth Day. This special day was celebrated on Champs de Mars in the capital Port Louis. Protocol was observed during the visit of the special guest Ram Nath Kovind President of India in the presence of the President of Mauritius Mrs Ameenah Gurib-Fakim and the Prime Minister of Mauritius Mr Pravind Jugnauth. After the flag raising ceremony, military parade and demonstrations there followed a cultural show.

For the philatelist a special first day cover.


4 thoughts on “50 Years”

  1. Wonderful, Michael. Happy Independence Day. It is great to have your own traditions and not just one of the Commonwealth, is it not?

    1. Indeed, the jubilee is an opportunity to look back at all those years and realize just how far the country has come.

  2. I love these glimpses into the cultural ceremonies of countries I have never visited. Thank you for bringing it to us. I even managed a few phrases without feeling the need to translate them into English in my head. Pour la premiere fois~

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