Reunion of a Lifetime

mauritius_mapThis reunion happened on 3 November 2010 in the middle of the Southern Indian Ocean and it stretched out over several days. Never would I have thought that we would meet again some 9,000 miles (14,480 kilometres) from where we were first thrown together. The place a beautiful island called Mauritius. Continue reading “Reunion of a Lifetime”

Mahebourg Museum

Mahebourg Maritime MuseumVisited the Mahebourg museum. Surprised to discover so much history displayed in this 17th century French colonial mansion. Amazing collection especially the part about the maritime slave trade. You get the sense of the horror and cruelty of the slave trade when you see the drawings, paintings and documentation. Today’s descendants, “Creole Mauritians”, of the slave trade have no way of tracing their ancestors having lost their roots (nationality and original family names). In contrast the Indo-Mauritians can trace their family origins through the well documented, registered entries and photographs of their contract worker Indian ancestors who settled in Mauritius.

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Mauritius history of the Dodo

dodostampVisit the wonderfully made website containing historical and research information on the famous Mauritius Dodo bird. Website custodian Alan Grihault has made available a most informative and graphically pleasing website which answers many questions.